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Diamond Essence as the name suggests is the closest you get to the highest quality of mined Diamond. Our Diamond Essence TM stones are perfect alternative to Mined Diamonds and are guaranteed for life for its sparkle, cut, brilliance and clarity.!

In 1978, our American Scientists invented the process in USA to develop Diamond Looking crystals that had the property of cutting glass, shone brightly like a diamond and costed significantly less. We named it Diamond Essence.

We are based in New Jersey and proudly sell our Diamond Essence jewelry masterpieces and loose stones all over North America and the rest of the world.

Diamond Essence Jewelry is as close to a mined diamond as you can possibly get. That’s why you will find it worn by celebrities, entertainers, royalty, socialites, and every other person who wants to wear jewelry that looks like a fortune without having to spend a fortune.

Diamond Essence stones have virtually same fire as mined diamonds, identical brilliance and are flawless. Diamond Essence Jewelry is not a mass produced product. Rather, it is the result of an exclusive and intricate process – one in which a rare mineral must be unearthed, refined and then melted at a temperature of 5000 F to form rough cut stones.

These rough stones then undergo the same exact process a mined diamond goes through. The stone is cut by highly skilled diamond cutters with 57 facets and polished to perfection. The result is a pure gem – seemingly worth thousands of dollars but available to you at tremendous savings.

These stones are then placed in various metal settings, each of which has been individually crafted by our commissioned ensemble of world class jewelry designers.

So, the only difference you will see is the money you save. Neither your friends – or diamond experts will ever notice a difference between the jewelry you wear and mined diamonds worth a lot.

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