10 Reasons To Buy Diamond Essence

10 Reasons to buy Diamond Essence

Symbol of True Love

Best Symbol of True Love – If diamonds live forever, Diamond Essence lives longer. It is result of everlasting bonding between life giving oxygen atom and strength of rare earth metal atom doing a heavenly dance above 5000 degrees F (twice the melting point of steel). The bond is truly forever, as compared to Diamonds which are carbon to carbon bond is metable and deteriorates in time.

Broad Wardrobe

Gives you an ability to build your wardrobe to meet all occasions.

Virtual Diamond

Diamond Essence carat sizes are exactly like real diamonds. Fire and Brilliance of the Diamond Essence stone is as close as you can get to the real Diamond. Production Process for Diamond Essence Crystals The chemical material used for Diamond Essence is a compound of rare earth oxides of Yttrium and Zirconium and it is known as Cubic Zirconia. Like diamonds the melting point of this material is above 5,000 F (more than twice the melting point of steel). The material has to be melted above its melting point and then held at constant Temperature of 5,000 F for days to crystallize it into single crystal forms. Since there is no substance known to man than can hold this molten material at this Temperature, the breakthrough process of crucible less or (skull melting) was invented. In this process the powders of the chemicals are heated by radio frequency (RF power) and it forms a ceramic crucible of its own material each time. The molten material is slowly cooled in a programmed manner resulting in the growth of rough crystals. These are then separated and sent for cutting and polishing to convert into these brilliant jewels of Diamond Essence masterpieces.

Affordable Elegance

Helps you achieve carefree elegance. You don’t have to worry about losing while wearing these jewels on all occasions, it only costs a fraction of real gems.

Celebrity Favorite!

Celebrities and Movie Stars wear them so why not you?

Save your Money and Life

Diamond Essence could save your money and your life! You keep real gems in the safe and flaunt your wealth in public carefree with Diamond Essence jewels. If you are mugged or robbed, no reason to resist, just let it go and it saves your life.

Best Branded CZ

Over the last several decades, we have built a worldwide reputation of rich elegance of our brand name – we have no choice but to be the best.

Social Stature

Diamond Essence helps you enhance your social elegance. Looks virtually like a real diamond. a. Its briliance, fire and sparkle are just the same as premium quality diamonds. b. No one can tell the difference, your friends won’t know, only an expert jeweler may be able to tell for sure, only by using instrument. c. Now you can upgrade your social status by higher size Diamond Essence masterpieces than your small size real diamonds.

Only Solid 14K Gold

In order to enhance and maintain this reputation still further up Diamond Essence pieces are available only in 14K Solid Gold or Platinum settings.

Unbeatable Guarantee!!!

Diamond Essence offers the best guarantee for it's products. 30 day 100% Moneyback and Lifetime quality assurance.