Testimonials For Diamond Essence Products
These are a few samples of the praise and good words we have received for our products and service. Please take a moment to write your testimonials in our feedback page.

All my "Diamond Essence" pieces are first rate and have fooled several people into thinking they are the "real" thing!
Linda Palmer

This is my first purchase of Diamond Essence. My husband and I are both amazed at the brilliance and color of the stone. We love it and are so happy with it! It was our anniversary gift and we are glad we got Diamond Essence!
Loretta Rose

Everyone, and i repeat everyone thinks that my ring is made of real diamonds! and i am not telling them! Sorry!
Hollie Pham

I spent $539 for a Diamond Essence ring and saw the same in reals in Las vegas for $17600!!!! How do you do it?
Laurie Cramer

Diamond Essence allows my wife to enjoy high quality jewelry and be practical with our checkbook, too!
Scott Carey

Very convincing alternatives - had several local jewelers needing a "second look" under magnification to confirm the product.
Mona Silvestri

Oh my gosh… I thought I sent you a note saying that they arrived and I totally love them… I’m sorry if I did not but….. Thank you so much, I can hardly wait to get it back from the Jewelers.  I’m assuming that it’s still a “diamond essence” stone.  Anyway the jewelers thought it was a beautiful stone as well.  I can’t thank you enough for sending them to me.  I hope that in the future you’ll go back to selling these stones again because I have several friends who would be interested in buying them.  Again that you…..YOU ROCK! Enjoy your day,
Debbie Campbell

Fantastic Jewelry, Fabulous Service! Wow guys, you have made our day! Love ya,
Chris Martin

I am satisifed with your quick delivery. The ring arrived in time for my big occasion and boy i was happy! One comment though, i would like to see more of sets as a choice.
Pinky Parikh

Diamond Essence is indeed a good choice as it is affordable and the design and quality is exceptional.
Stokley Hassan

I have been a completely satisfied customer since last 20 years and have bought more than 15 products from you and found all of them amazingly beautiful and true value for money!
Justin Hanke

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy Diamond Essence masterpieces! I share my enthusiasm with everyone i know that is looking to buy jewelry. Some have asked if I represent your company! Thanks Again for these beautiful gems.
Eva Marcovina