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Platinum plated Solitaire sterling silver  ring with 1 ct stone Pendant-gold vermeil,2 flower slide,10 pear shape stone Bamboo ring. An unusually beautiful ring with spikes of 14k solid gold surrounding a dazzling  3.0 carat marquise cut Diamond Essence. 1.2ct opal stone earrings in Gold Vermeil platinum plated silver pendant with 7 round graduated stone

About Us

Diamond Essence™ Simulated Diamonds

Browse the extensive selection of high quality simulated diamonds set in precious metals. The brilliant quality and excellent craftsmanship is matched with affordable pricing, making Diamond Essence™ the number one store for artificial diamonds. The imitation diamonds are so beautiful, no one will know that you bought it for a fraction of the cost of a mined diamond. The sparkling imitation diamonds come with a 14 day 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime stone guarantee, so you can always feel confident ordering from Diamond Essence™. MORE »

Diamond Essence™ Advantages

  • Exquisite craftsmanship in 14K Solid Gold, Sterling Silver & White Gold
  • Over 3000 SKUS for a wide range of choice
  • Fraction Of Cost of a Mined Diamond
  • No Fear Of Loss And Insurance Worries
  • Money Back Guarantee & Life Time Stone Guarantee
  • Over 500000 Satisfied customers since last 40 years!

Diamond Essence™ Testimonials

  • “All my "Diamond Essence" pieces are first rate and have fooled several people into thinking they are the "real" thing!” ~Linda Palmer
  • “Everyone, and i repeat everyone thinks that my ring is made of real diamonds! and i am not telling them! Sorry!” ~Hollie Pham
  • “Very convincing alternatives - had several local jewelers needing a "second look" under magnification to confirm the product.” ~Mona Silvestri