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In stock Jewelry Collection

Diamond Essence's in stock diamond jewelry collection is available for the very same day shipping.
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Two-tone Cross pendant with round stone in Gold Vermeil Diamond Essence 1.50 Cts. each, Round Brilliant Stone Set in Rose Plated Sterling Silver, Artistically Curved Tension Setting, 3.0 Cts. T.W. round stone pendant set in gold vermeil horseshoe Sterling Silver long cross pendant with baguettes
5 PrincessCut SquareStone GoldVermeil drop earring 0.74ct Diamond earring with open-cut in sterling silver 14K Solid Gold, Marquise cut Diamond Essence pendant, 1.0 carat. Also available in 2.0 cts. and 3.0 cts. Two stone round diamond gold vermeil earrings
Diamond Essence Earrings-SE8025
Reg. Price: $169.00
Sale Price: $119.00
Diamond Essence Pendant with Marquise cut Stone - GPD1213
Reg. Price: $269.00
Sale Price: $119.00
Solid Gold emerald studs earrings 2.5 ct Saphhire round and trilliant stone pendant Diamond Essence Designer Earrings, each with 1.5 Cts.Trilliant cut Champagne Essence set in three prong setting. 3 Cts. T.W. Ruby Essence Heart Pendant - 0.5 Cts. T.W. set in 14K Gold Vermeil.
Sapphire Essence Heart Pendant - 0.5 Cts. T.W. set in 14K Gold Vermeil. Emerald Essence Heart Pendant - 0.5 Cts. T.W. set in 14K Gold Vermeil. 6 round stone 1 center stone gold flower pendant Diamond Essence Cross Pendant With Cushion Cut Stone In Bar Setting,3 Cts.T.W In Platinum Plated Sterling Silver.
​Approx Size Of Pendant Is 33mm Length And 21.50mm Width.
Diamond Essence ear studs, 3.0 carats each, set in Gold Vermeil -four prongs settings. 6.0 cts.t.w. Slim & melee earring in Platinum plated silver 2ct round-cut stone earring in 14K Gold Vermeil Wondrous Cross Earrings in Gold Vermeil
6 round stone 1 center stone Silver flower pendant Diamond Essence Rose plated over Sterling Silver Designer Earring, 2,0 Cts.t.w. Diamond Essence Designer Pendant with Sapphire Essence melee in pave setting, outlined with Diamond Essence melee,0.75 Cts.T.W in Rose Plated Sterling Silver. Square earrings set with round accents micro pave setting. 0.25 Cts. T.W. set in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver.
Diamond Essence Stud Earrings with 6.0 cts.t.w. of Round Brilliant Stones - SED506 Diamond Essence and Ruby Essence princess cut tennis bracelet, each stone of 0.20 ct. set in alternate group of 5 stones. 10.4 cts.t.w. in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver. Pendant-0.25 ct center cross of round diamond white gold  marquise cut pendant
Diamond Essence Pendant with Marquise cut Stone - WPD1213
Reg. Price: $299.00
Sale Price: $139.00
2ct round-cut stone earring in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Wondrous Cross Earrings in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Diamond Essence opal studs. 3.0 Cts. each, set in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver 6.0 Cts. T.W. Diamond Essence Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Stud Earrings 0.50 Ct. Each, with Emerald Essence set in Jackets, 2.60 Cts.T.W.
journey pendant of melee & pearls in sterling silver Platinum Plated Sterling Silver, 1-1/4" long dangling earring feature at each ear, a meltingly beautiful snowflake made up of delicate round cut Diamond Essence masterpieces drifting down from round brilliant cut stones at the top. 2.20 cts.t.w. Diamond Essence round brilliant and Emerald Essence round stones, 0.10 ct. each, set alternate in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver, 5.10 cts.t.w. Two intervening hearts, showing off Diamond Essence Round brilliant melee set in Gold Vermeil pendant. 2.5 cts.t.w.
Heart pendant, Diamond Essence round brilliant stones, 3.0 cts.t.w. set in Gold Vermeil. Inside Out Hoop Pair of Studs in three prongs Martini Setting, Round Diamond Essence in each stud. 6.0 Cts T.W. set in14K Gold Vermeil. Diamond Essence Half Hoop with Oval cut Emerald Stones and Round Brilliant Melee, 4.0 cts.t.w. - SEC2026E
In stock Jewelry Collection

Our In stock jewlery collection is available for same day shipping. Check out the unique jewelry pieces which will be shipped to your doorstep on the very same day.

Diamond essence simulated diamond jewelry is similar to mined diamonds in the four Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat weight.
Color: The most sought after colorless diamonds are classified with a D. Diamond Essence simulated diamond rings are always equivalent to a classification D.
Clarity: Diamond Essence imitation diamond rings are virtually flawless.
Cut: The simulated diamonds used in Diamond Essence’s artificial diamond rings are always perfectly cut to the exacting standards.
Carat Weight: Diamond Essence simulated diamond rings are always priced the same per carat, unlike mined diamond rings which are often more than double the price for a two carat diamond.

View the selection of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and more by metal, price, occasion, or stone color and find the ideal jewelry in a matter of minutes. The Diamond Essence simulated diamond jewelry come in 14K solid gold, sterling silver or white gold. Click on each imitation diamond jewelry to view the description, price and availability.

Need help selecting our jewelry? Give us a call toll free, at 1-800-909-2525 or email at Free & fast shipping available!