How Diamond Essence is Different ?

A Diamond Essence jewel is not a mass produced product.       It is the result of a relatively new and exclusive process in which a rare mineral must first be extracted from the earth, refined and then melted at a constant temperature above 5,000F almost two times hotter than 2,800F required to melt steel to slowly crystallize and form diamond-hard, diamond- brilliant rough-cut pieces with the essence of diamonds. 

The fact is Diamond Essence pieces have more fire than mined diamonds, have virtually the same brilliance and unlike most mined diamonds are flawless.

Understanding of 4 C'S:

When evaluating Diamond Essence jewelry, we advise you to look at the same four quality experts use to judge a mined diamond:

1. Color : The Gemological Institute of America's color scale assigns letter classifications ranging from D through Z. The most sought after colorless diamonds are classified with a D. Diamond Essence diamonds are equivalent to classification D in color. Almost all diamonds are transparently clear or white, The Gemological Institute of America assigns color classifications ranging from "D" through "Z". The most sought after colorless diamonds are classified as "D". Diamond Essence pieces are always trans parently clear and always meet "D" classification.

2. Clarity : Few diamonds are totally flawless. A flawless diamond has top clarity and is very valuable. Diamond Essence jewels are always virtually flawless. Most diamonds contain some kind of imperfections inclusion-within the piece itself. Inclusions interfere with the passage of light throughout the stone. Diamond Essence pieces are equivalent to premium quality mined diamonds.

3. Cut : The "cut" refers to both the shape of the diamond and the precise cut of its facets. An improperly-cut piece will have less fire, less brilliance, less value. Diamond Essence masterpieces are always cut perfectly, so they flash the ultimate in fire and brilliance.

4. Carat Weight : The carat is a measure of a diamond size. Usually, diamonds are priced on a per carat basis. Surprisingly, a two carat diamond is considerably more than twice the price of a one carat diamond. The better the other three Cs, the higher the per-carat price. Larger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds, so they carry a higher price per carrat. A two diamond will not cost twice as much as a one carat piece, but considerably more. Diamond Essence carat sizes are just the same as mined diamond carat sizes, and are always priced the same (now $33 per carat), whether one carat, two carats or three.

Caring for your Diamond Essence Jewelry

Diamond Essence that is set in 14 Carat-gold or Sterling silver or Vermeil can be worn everyday.

While almost as hard as diamonds, even diamonds can chip if hit the right way. So take precautions, such as removing jewelry when doing heavy work.

Soap can leave a sparkle-dimming film, so remove your Diamond Essence jewelry before showering or cleaning. Similarly, remove jewelry when applying makeup and face/body powder, as they can dull its shine. Have your jewelry checked by a jeweler regularly. He will check for loose settings and professionally clean the jewelry as well.

Few basics to follow


The more you clean your Diamond Essence jewelry the more spectacular it will look. All jewelry loses its beauty if soap, hand cream, dirt and body oils collect and solidify on it.


The best way to clean your Diamond Essence jewelry is to soak it in a brand-name liquid jewelry cleaner. Most solutions come with a small, soft brush for hard to reach areas. For better cleaning, use an ultrasonic cleaner with cleaning solution.


In between clean-ups, polish with a chamois cloth or cotton towel.


Have your jewelry professionally cleaned & checked regularly, He will check for loose settings, as well do a superior cleaning job.

chemical composition of diamond essence

ZrO2- Zirconium oxide plus yttrium or calcium.

Color -- Colorless when pure, but many colors are provided by small chemical additives..

Refractive Index -- 2.23 (singly refractive).

Dispersion-- .060-.066. Durability--

Hardness --8.5 to 9.25.

Specific Gravity -- 5.65 - 5.8 (gm/cm3)

Crystal structure -- Isometric (cubic).

Cubic Zirconia Back To Top Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic gemstone, ZrO2, used in jewelry as diamond simulant. The cubic zirconia diamond is extremely hard rating a 8.5 on the mohs scale, to the naked eye it is flawless and has no color. It can be created in colors such as pink, purple, green, red, basically any color. Because of its durability, and similarity to a diamond, created cubic zirconia stones have remained the most important diamond simulant since its discovery in 1976. Its main competition as a synthetic diamond is the more recently cultivated material, charles and Colvard's moissanite. When these Russian CZs are compared to fine diamonds, many experts can not distinguish the difference without the aid of sophisticated gemological equipment. Russian CZs have a dispersion greater than diamond, and this produces an abundance of color play & "fire". Don't be "fooled" by other fancy brand names. Diamond Essence have all the durability, fire, luster, & brilliance as other advertised "brand" names like signity, QVC diamonique, russian ice, russian brilliant, ziamond, etc.

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Cleaning Cubic Zirconia: Tips that will keep your CZ jewelry sparkling!

Cleaning cubic zirconia jewelry is much easier than you think! So take advantage of these simple tips that will keep your precious jewelry sparkling and lustrous-so you can enjoy them for years to come. Like diamonds, the precious cubic zirconia (CZ) gems need to be cleaned to maintain their original brilliance and luster. Many variables in our surrounding can dull the shine of precious gems: body lotion, perfume, hairspray, perspiration, or just simply, normal everyday wear. All lotions and soap film are some of the more difficult materials to remove. Just a little of any of these materials on your CZ stone, will take away much of the visual brilliance of the stone. So it is vital to keep your CZ clean to maintain its sparkling diamond look. A convenient way to clean your CZ jewelry is to use a small brushing device with soft bristles (preferably a toothbrush), along with warm to hot water mixed with a mild liquid dishwashing detergent (such as the brand, Joy), and brush as well as possible to remove any scum build-up. Then, rinse well in warm to hot water, pat dry with a clean cloth, and take a look. If more cleaning is needed, soak the jewelry piece in hot water, with about 1/3 detergent to 2/3 hot water. (The mix is not critical.) Then, just brush again. When you're done cleaning your jewelry, be sure to dry it well so to keep its brilliant shine. Avoid exposing your CZ jewelry to abrasive substances such as household chemicals when cleaning with bleach or ammonia, or when swimming in chlorinated water, as these chemicals can damage your jewelry.

Although most abrasive cleansers will not damage a CZ stone, they will, however, take the lustrous shine off the metal in which the stone is set. Gemologists can agree that CZ comes closer than any other gem material to matching the characteristics of a diamond-it's uncanny. As CZ is quickly becoming more popular as a desirable substitute for diamond, it's important to care for it the same way you would a diamond. So if for some reason you cannot remove the dirt off your CZ jewelry, take it to a jeweler and give it a high-pressure steam clean, as would be done to a diamond. This will remove almost any scum off your jewelry. When we clean a customer's jewelry and inspect it for wear, and loose or missing stones, we find the jewelry needing repair is most often a jewelry piece that has never been cleaned by the owner. Persistent dirt gets between the metal settings and the stones, causing abrasive wear and eventually, perhaps a loose stone. One of the most basic rules of jewelry care is to apply all lotions, make-up, hair spray, etc. first, before you put on your jewelry. To minimize scratches and other damage, store your jewelry either in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box. Now that you know how easy it is to care for your CZ, be sure to clean your CZ jewelry regularly-depending on how often you wear it; if you wear it everyday, cleaning it once a week is sufficient. Follow our simple tips on cleaning cubic zirconia, and you can be certain your CZ jewelry will not only maintain its original brilliance and luster for years to come, but it will continue to sparkle radiantly for you when you wear it, and show it off!