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The more you know about Diamonds, the more you'll love Diamond Essence

With a Breakthrough revolutionary process, science now gives to a mineral the very a rough-cut Stone. Each stone is then cut, polished and finished by hand to the same fire, dazzle and brilliance once seen only in nature's most precious diamonds.
First mined, extracting standards found in mined diamonds.

Finally each Diamond Essence piece purified, then melted at temperatures above 5,000F, the mineral slowly crystallizes to form is set in Metal for designs that are masterworks of quality and Craftsmanship.

Interesting facts about Diamond Essence Stones

The only difference you'll ever notice between a mined diamond and a Diamond Essence masterpiece is the price. With a price you can afford. Even though these exciting new superior Quality stones outshine mined diamonds, they can cost a fraction of the price. So fresh up your wardrobe, and show off your beauty in style.

"All Diamond Essence Stones Carry Lifetime Warranty"

if for any reasons , the stone discolor , Fade, Chip or Crack. We will replace it free of Cost.

Diamond Essence Customer Reviews

For the past four decades, we have been in business guaranteeing full satisfaction to our customers worldwide. Only diamond Essence is able to provide great prices and higher value over retailers and other merchandisers because of our voluminous purchases.