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Diamond Essence Ruby Jewelry - July Birthstone.Rubies are perhaps the most popular gems out there their color making them the perfect stone for those with fiery spirit and daring personalities. Take a look at out spectacular collection of Ruby Jewelry. Whether you are a July born diva or man who looks for a significant gift for somebody born in July the Diamond Essence Ruby Jewelry is the ideal choice.
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The July Birthstone is the Ruby. The Ruby was a long time ago crowned ‘King Of Gems’, a tribute to its blood red intensity, believed to protect the wearer from evil, signify love and intense passion and also offer leadership skills and power of decision-making.The ruby was also believed to have curative properties and used to improve blood circulation. The blood-red stone is said to symbolize strength, vitality, confidence, leadership, and courage. The red ruby is associated with passion and love and it is associated with the Sun, and was believed by the ancients to preserve physical and mental health of an individual. Rubies were believed to purge the body of toxins, restore youth and vitality when rubbed on the skin.Diamond Essence has an impressive collection of ruby jewelry . Daring, classic, upbeat, trendy and most importantly high quality designs combine perfectly cut ruby stones with high end metal setting to result in a spctacular piece any July bord diva would treasure. Choose from our large selection of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets or pick a ruby necklace to offer to a July born loved one.