Say No to Blood Diamonds; Stay Ethical

Blood diamond is still a dark reality of the diamond industry and is the major cause of rampant criminal activities, child labor and physical abuse. Apart from human rights abuse, the blood diamonds are also used to fund the war industry. It is the duty of every responsible citizen to discourage sales of illegally sourced diamonds. Whenever you are out for diamond shopping, it is essential to make sure that the diamond you are buying is ethically sourced.

Here are a few important points you must consider to make sure that the diamonds are brought from legal sources.

Source of Diamond

Inquire from where the diamond was mined. Ethical jewelers know the journey of every diamond from mine to the market and will always inform you about how ethically the diamonds are mined. If the jeweler is dodging the question or is unable to provide full details, then there is something fishy. Namibia, Botswana and Canada are some countries whose diamonds are ethically sourced.


If your jeweler is trying to sell you a precious rock at dirt cheap prices then possibly it is a blood diamond. Hence, always buy from a credible jeweler who believes in keeping the best practices intact with the business.

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